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Essential Exam Preparation Tools to Assist in Achieve a Passing Score

Now that the CAS is administering its exams in a computer based testing (CBT) environment with Pearson VUE, it’s critical that you prepare by working in a similar environment.

Working past CAS questions in MS Excel on a consistent basis over several months maximizes your familiarity with, and mastery of, the types of questions likely to appear on CAS Exam 6U.

Comparing your responses to solutions in Google Sheets allows candidates to validate their solutions to computational questions as well as their responses to short answer questions.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Preparing for Fall 2021 CAS Exam 6U

  • 2

    Recommended Reading and Study Schedule

    • Recommended Reading and Time Management Schedule

  • 3

    Free Preview - Sample Questions and Solutions

  • 4

    Insurance Regulation - Porter

    • Chapter 2 - Development of Insurance Regulation

    • Chapter 3 - Federal and Other Influences on Insurance Regulation

    • Chapter 4 – Roles of State Regulators and the NAIC in Insurance

    • Chapter 5 – State Department of Insurance Operations

    • Chapter 6 – Insurer Formation, Licensing, and Marketing Regulation

    • Chapter 8–Rate Regulation

    • Chapter 12 – Insolvency Regulation

  • 5

    Baribeau - Demystifying the Regulatory Web

    • Past CAS Questions - In Excel

  • 6

    NAIC White Paper - US Ins Regulation and Solvency

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 7

    Vaughan - The Economic Crisis and Lessons from U.S. Ins Regulation

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 8

    McCarty - NAIC Hearing - Credit Based Ins Scoring - Availability and Affordability

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 9

    Kucera - NAIC Public Hearing on Credit-Based Insurance Scores

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 10

    NAIC Price - Price Optimization White Paper

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 11

    NAIC Telematics

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 12

    Feldblum - Rating Agencies

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 13

    Dearie - Excess and Surplus Lines Laws in the U.S

    • Comments

  • 14

    NAIC - Risk Retention Groups

    • Comments

  • 15

    Germani - Government Insurers Study Note - 2017

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 16

    Webel - Terrorism Risk Insurance: Overview and Issue Analysis

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 17

    Horn/Webel - Private Flood Insurance and the NFIP

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 18

    Cook - Personal Insurance

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 19

    CAS Financial Reporting - Parts I and II.

    • Comments

  • 20

    CAS Financial Reporting - Part III. SAP in the U.S.: The Annual Statement

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 21

    CAS Financial Reporting - Schedule F

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 22

    CAS Financial Reporting - Schedule P

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 23

    CAS Financial Reporting - IEE

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 24

    CAS Financial Reporting - RBC

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 25

    CAS Financial Reporting - Part V – Financial Health of the P/C Insurer

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 26

    CAS Financial Reporting - Part VI. Differences: Statutory to Fin/Reg Reporting

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 27

    Feldblum - Statutory Surplus

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 28


    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 29

    NAIC - Preamble

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 30

    SSAP 53 - P&C Contracts - Premiums

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 31

    SSAP 65 - Property and Casualty Contracts

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 32

    NAIC - Annual Statement

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 33

    ASOP 36: Statement of Actuarial Opinion on P/C Reserves

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 34

    ASOP 41: Actuarial Communications

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 35

    ASOP 43: P/C Unpaid Claim Estimates

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 36


    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 37


    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel) - Part 1

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel) - Part 2

  • 38

    Acct Standard 944: Fin Guarantee Insurance Contracts

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 39

    SSAP 62R

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 40

    Freihaut/Vendetti - Common Pitfalls: Risk Transfer Analysis

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

  • 41

    Klann: Reinsurance Commutation

    • Past CAS Questions (in Excel)

Question and Solution Overview

  • CAS Questions
    (in Excel)
    Over 430 in total

    Working on past CAS questions in MS Excel on a consistent basis over several months maximizes your familiarity with, and mastery of, the types of questions likely to appear on CAS Exam 6U.

  • Solutions to CAS Questions
    (in Google Sheets)
    Over 1,000 in total

    Introductory Comments, Enhanced CAS Model Solutions and Examiner's Reports prepare candidates to achieve a passing score

  • Downloadable Questions and View Only Solutions

    Download all questions in Excel or work on them in your google drive.

    Access view only solutions in google drive to see exactly short answer responses and what excel calculations were used to solve computational questions.

Question Spreadsheet Features

Downloadable In Excel

Point Grid

For each syllabus reading with past CAS questions, this tab provides you with:

  • The number of past CAS questions to schedule and work on over the course of your study
  • The exam year, season, and question number for each question 
  • The number of points for each question (in total and by sub-question within question)
  • 1st Attempt Self-Grading section
  • 2nd Attempt Self-Grading section

Duplicate questions

Master your ability to answer questions correctly by taking them twice.

  • The questions in the spreadsheets are duplicated so that you can answer them twice.
  • The advantage of answering questions twice is to assess your progress.

For example, "Toggle" between sheet (1) and sheet 1(2) to compare your answers in terms of computational efficiency and /or the quality of your short answer responses.

Self Grading

Self grade your 1st Attempt and 2nd Attempt responses using Model solutions and Examiner Reports comments.

  • Compare your answer to the model solution provided. 
  • Review CAS Examiner’s comments on what information was sought in each sub question and then determine if this was included in your response. 
    CAS Examiner’s comments are included for all questions beginning with the Fall 2013 Exam 6. 
  • Enter your score in the area to the right of the question. Your cumulative scores are recorded in the point grid tab.
    Your cumulative scores are a good indicator or what you know and what you need to work on during the final weeks before your exam.

Tracking your progress

The more questions you answer, the better prepared you will be for the exam.

To track your progress on the number of questions you answered, each question contains a status indicator allowing you to flag questions as Incomplete, Finished, or Review.

Quickly identifying the number of questions as Incomplete or needs further Review is key during your final weeks of exam preparation.

Solution Spreadsheet Features

  • Introductory Comments

    These comments help you form a clear approach to problem solving, the biggest stumbling block to solving high point value computational questions.

  • Model Solutions

    CAS solutions can be vague, lacking in detail, and difficult to follow at times.
    Review our enhancements to CAS model solutions to better understand the material and create comprehensive solutions to computational questions.

  • Examiner’s Reports

    Our solutions include CAS Examiner’s Report commentary dating back to the Fall 2013 Exam.

    Having ready access to these is a must to self grade and understand what needs to be included in your responses to CAS questions.

Solution Spreadsheet Features

View Only In Google Sheets

Introductory Comments 

Formulating a clear path to problem solving is the biggest stumbling block for candidates when solving high point value computational questions.

To circumvent this, our solutions include:

  • introductory comments which reference key excerpts from the syllabus readings to initiate your thought process on how to frame your solution, and then transitions into a,
  • a step by step approach to arrive at the final answer.


Questions and Model Solutions 

CAS solutions can be vague, lacking in detail, and difficult to follow at times.

To circumvent this, our solutions include an instructional approach to computational questions, comprehensive enough to fully explain each and every step in the solution process. 

This problem solving approach:

  • is comprehensive as it fully explains each step in the solution process.
  • provides clarifying comments to CAS model solutions making them easier to understand.
  • provides a logical framework to implement when solving similar computational problems.
  • allows you to adopt a blended problem solving process that streamlines our approach with your problem solving methods to provide Examiners with what they seek; that being “enough support on [your] answer sheet to follow the calculations performed.”


Examiner’s Reports 

Our solutions include CAS Examiner’s Reports dating back to the Fall 2013 Exam.

These are critical to review to accurately self grade your solutions. They provide question specific comments on:

  • the overall difficulty level in total and by question part.
  • what candidate’s were expected to know on how to calculate specific ratios, tests, statutory balance sheet and income statement values, surplus thresholds, solvency metrics, etc.
  • whether candidates were able to:
  1. justify all selections when prompted to do so
  2. provide appropriate responses to a “briefly describe” question
  3. defend their responses given in prior sub questions
  4. demonstrate knowledge of the purpose, components, similarities and differences of the question at hand.
  • common errors included in candidate responses


  • How many questions and solutions do I have access to?

    You have access to 38 downloadable spreadsheets in Excel containing over 430 past CAS questions in total. You also have access to 38 view only solution spreadsheets containing over 1,000 solutions in Google Sheets.

  • Do I need a gmail account to access the solutions?

    Yes. Once you provide us with your gmail account, a folder with the solutions will be shared to your Google Drive.

  • Will I be able to see what formulas were used in all of the solution sheets?

    Yes. Once in google sheets, hit the F2 button on your keyboard to view what calculations were used in solving the problem. See screen shot below

  • How long will I have access to the question and solution files?

    Since you can download the spreadsheets You have access to them 24/7. You have access to the solution files through exam day.

  • If I fail the exam, can you reinstate my access to the solution files?

    Yes. Send us your CAS grade report showing you did not receive a passing score and we will reinstate access to the solutions.

  • Our company uses a study coordinator to purchase study materials on behalf of its students. Can this coordinator purchase on my behalf?

    Yes. Have the coordinator make the purchase using their name and email address, and email support@actuarialtesting with your name and email address to access the questions and solutions.